Best Electric Scooter City Coco Classic Harley style Scooter Moped Adults

At the very beginning , we only delveopped the Classic Harley style Electric Lithium Scooter , Fat Tire 2000w motor . We have 12ah and 20ah lithim battery for diffirent purpose . Eveyday ,we can assmeble 200+ This kind of fat tire scooter , now we have set up a Carlifornia Warehouse and do the wholesale . Usually we have 5-8 containers of stock , that mean we have 200 Classic Harley style fat tire sooter , Electric Chopper Scooter like M1, M8 . Also have the golf scooter like X7 T7.3 . SoverSky Fat tire scooter SL01 x7 golf scooter

Post time: Jul-10-2021