Why SoverSky Elf Citycoco Electric Scooter so popular ?

In the recent years , our SoverSky Elf citycoco are very popular , our cutsomers are from all the world Like America ,Germany ,Mexico,Holland,Russian….. The growth is rapid .At frist beginning , we strated with our Elf-P citycoco, and we only sold around 500 sets per year , then we launched the SoverSky Elf-M , it is so attractive ,all the people like it , so the sales volume is like a bomb .When you can ride a road legal SoverSky citycoco and you don’t need to worry about the gas , will you like it ?Mostly it is evironment friendly .And we use the Lithium removable battery , provide long distance capacity .Most our SoverSky Harly citycoco ,we use 2000 Watts brusless motor with 60V 20Ah battery , all our citycoco has 1 year warranty .

Post time: Aug-13-2020