SoverSky Carlifornia Warehouse has run today

Untill now , SoverSky has owned west and East Coast Warehouse , one is located at Miami ,Another is Located at Carlifornia . Both of them has all the model of electric scooter ,fat tire citycoco ,E-chopper ,Moped , Golf Scooter ,Electric bike ,and the motor is from 1000w to 4000w ,brushless .High speed , all the electric scooter from Soversky has the 1 year warranty for lithium battery , bruhless motor and controller .

E-chopper bike is M1 , M2, M3, M5, M8 . High Speed , cool outlook .T7.0 , T7.1 and T7.3 are 3 wheel golf scooter .

warehouse 2021 SoverSky

Post time: Jun-29-2021