What makes SoverSky Citycoco Electric Scooter Special

Someone will ask there are a lot of supplier for Citycoco and electric scooter on the internet , how to tell which one is reliable ?
1-We have accumulated years of exporting . Since 2010,we have eported to all the world . We know all the details , like how to choose a good forwarder , how to choose a right vessel ,how to make the paper for customs.Some will say that is the basic , but the basic always is the most important .
2-We have applied all the certifications for our citycoco ,electric scooter , like EEC , COC,CE,FCC… we make sure every citycoco scooter has the paper to road legal . Never worry the quality from us .
3-All the model of scooter . We have developed many models , like Elf-S5, Elf-M ,Elf-T golf trike , two wheel scooter , and powerful scooter like 2000 watts harley scooter , 3000 Watts, 60V 20A long distance chopper scooter…. You will like one of them .
4-Buy at local . Now we are planning to make a stock at USA and UK . In the near future you will buy the Citycoco electric SoverSky Scooter at American and UK . In the UK market , all the harley citycoco can ride road legal , but citycoco Elf at US don’t have the certain papers . So the USA customer must pay attention to your insurance . We will only proide the CE / Invoice for the citycoco soversky scooter at usa market .

Post time: Aug-11-2020