2021 SoverSky Electric Chopper Scooter USA Warehouse

Untill now , SoverSky has developped many model of Electric Chopper Scooter , Like SoverSky M1 , M2, M3,M5, M8 and Fat Tire Electric Citycoco Scooter , like SL01 , SL1.0 , S5, Golf Scooter like T7.0 , T7.1, T7.3, also the Electric Dual Drive Scooter with high speed of 60MPH .


Years after Years at this filed ,SoverSky has accumulated a lot of experience as well as loyal customers , dealers , distributors . What can you get from to be our dealer of SoverSky ?


You don’t need to invest too much money , we have the Carlifornia warehouse, so we can do the drop shipping for you .

All the technial support will be your back , no mattter what kind of problem you meet , just let SoverSky know , we will promise to sovle them within 72hrs .

Warranty , For all the kind of electric chopper scooter , fat tire citycoco scooter , golf scooter ,high speed electric scooter with 4000w ,we have 1 year warranty for brushless motor , lithium battery , and controller .

Territory Protection ,once you be our dealer ,we will have the policy of territory ,depend on your volum , we will decide your territory scale. Once we confirm , we will protect the price , local customers …


To work with SoverSky , To be successful

2021 SoverSky

Post time: Jul-06-2021